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Types of Straight Line Quilting

Straight Line quilting is one of my favorite types of quilting. The designs are generally simple but they can be used in smart ways to enhance the patchwork of your quilt. All custom quilts include the cost of straight line quilting. Other types of quilting include hand quilting and free motion quilting which are an added cost.

Below are some examples of straight-line quilting designs that can be done for your quilt. Comment your favorite!

Vertical/Horizontal Lines:

Stitch In The Ditch

This is when you quilt directly into the seam lines. It hides the quilting for the most part. This works well when you want the pattern of the patchwork to stand out more than the quilting itself.

Matchstick Quilting

It's the same thing as straight line quilting, just with less space in between lines. I recommend 1/2 inch spacing. Quilt lines less than 1/2 inch apart can make your quilt feel much stiffer.

Grid Quilting

Grid Plus Diagonal

I love this design as an all-over pattern. Add another diagonal line to make an "x" pattern

Wavy Line Quilting

This is done with the setting on a home sewing machine.

Simple Diamond Quilting

Diamond Quilting

Double Lined Diamond Quilting

One Way Diagonal Quilting

Crosshatch Quilting

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