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Quilt Color Scheme: Spring Laundry Day

I always have more than one sewing project going on at once but that doesn't stop me from daydreaming about the next quilt or pillow or potholder I want to design next.

I love to peruse Pinterest to get my mind thinking about different themes, styles, and colors.

When I'm feeling particularly inspired by a theme, l like to create mood boards or collages of images and sometimes text. From there, I like to pull the solid colors from the images to create a color scheme to match the vibe and aesthetic. I mostly like to work with solids in my sewing so I coordinate the colors I collect digitally and match them with the RK Kona quilting cotton.

Spring has been unusually wet and cloudy in Seattle so it has me daydreaming about those perfectly bright spring days where all you want to do is lay in the grass and read a book as the smell of freshly washed linens wafts through the air as it dries on the line. OK, may that's a bit exaggerated but I'm a dreamer! I'm not sure I've ever hung anything outside to dry with the exception of my swimsuit and towel in the hot Florida sun. Oh, and lots of vintage quilts, too!

These cool and earthy tones give me images of the fresh dewy grass in the morning, bright blue skies during the day, and late afternoon rainstorms rolling in.

I'd love to create a quilt with this color scheme and commissions are some of my favorite projects to take on. Send me an inquiry about how we can make your quilty dreams come true!


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