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Quilt Color Scheme: Late Summer Picnic

Summer is alllllllmost here! June 21st marks the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. Here in Seattle, we have short winter days but very long summer days due to the high latitude. This means that the sunrise is at 5:10 am and the sunset is at 9:11 pm, although it stays bright out until much past 10 pm. That's a whopping 16 hours of daylight! Much more than our puny 8 hours in the winter. It's one reason people flock to the area for long days of world-class hiking. Backpackers love the early morning starts and late sunsets to get those 10-20 miles of hiking in.

People take their hiking very seriously here. While I'm more of a once-a-week, no-more-than-8-miles-for-the-love-of-God type of hiker, I do take my picnics seriously.

I'm lucky to have a backyard I get to enjoy during the spring and summer. Eating a sandwich outside is one of life's amazing simple pleasures. Summer still gives me a whimsical feeling even though I'm quite a few years past getting summers off between school. Maybe it's more of an appreciation for sunshine after those long and dark winter months.

Below is a collage I put together to conjure images of tanned skin, ripe fruit, and relaxing summer breezes. Taking advantage of the amazing weather here is so important to me so you bet I'll be planning many a picnic come June!

I'm a quilter by trade and of course, I put together a color scheme for a future quilt. Adding in some hues and tones would make this a quilt appropriate to display far into the cooler months of Autumn.




I'd love to create a quilt with this color scheme and commissions are some of my favorite projects to take on. Send me an inquiry about how we can make your quilty dreams come true!

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