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My June Round-Up

Hello, friends. Back to my monthly round-up of things that caught my eye and make my heart burst with inspiration. Can you even believe summer is almost here? I'm so happy!

First up, flowers!

Washington state is one of the best places to get fresh flowers in the USA. Pike Place is located right in the heart of Downtown Seattle and draws huge crowds for good reason. Their flower market stalls boast huge displays of bouquets and flowers priced by the stem. It's peony season right now so I snagged a stunning peach and pink peony bouquet with peachy orange tulips, pink lupine, white lilies, and sprays of small lavender-colored flowers. It was a massive bouquet and I actually had to split it into two since my vases weren't big enough! And the best part? It was only $30. Go into any grocery store or florist and you would be paying upwards of $100 for the quality and amount. Peonies were priced at $4 a stem at Pike Place and I've heard wedding florists are paying upwards of $12 a stem! It's such a pleasure to shop for flowers at Pike Place and also support local Washington flower farmers at the same time.

Next up, this kitchen:

I tell you my jaw dropped at this kitchen! I got married in April and we were showered with beautiful table and glassware from friends and family. We don't have an area to display our wares which is why this bar vignette caught my eye. The green color of the cabinetry is everything I love. The brass mesh inlays on the cabinets create stunning texture and perfectly show just enough of the glassware inside. This bar area makes me want to go antique shopping to add some special old pieces to our new collection.

Next, this quilt pattern:

I adore the patterns designed by Devon of Miss Make and her newest pattern is no exception. 'Circe' is so fun and I want to make one! I already have her Gamma quilt pattern but haven't decided on a color scheme yet. Her 'Looper' quilt is stunning and very popular too.

Next, this fabric:

Hawthorne Supply Co. offers print-on-demand fabric and wallpaper. This new collection, Sweet Tea, by Charlie Rowan, makes my heart burst with happiness. I adore the ditsy florals paired with the bold checker prints. It's feminine and youthful!

Last, but certainly not least, THIS wallpaper!!!

I love hanging quilts on walls but this wallpaper by Heather Ross takes it to the next level. The wallpaper is perfectly reproduced from a vintage log cabin quilt. The bright colors and red centers are truly stunning. It's digitally printed and made to order in their upstate New York studio. I want this in my home!!

I hope you learned something new and found something you loved from this post! Let me know what you're inspired by this month in the comments.

x, Amanda

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