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A Memorable Handmade Mother's Day Gift

I can't say I'm the best daughter, but I think I scored some brownie points when I made and gifted this quilt to my mom for Mother's Day. 😁

Quilts are a form of art and in my opinion, are the perfect custom creations for a gift. I love to give quilts during the holidays or for life's big moments. There are endless colors, sizes, and shapes and patterns that can be utilized in order to create a usable piece of art.

Tints of magenta, navy, and mustard run in horizontal stripes against a stark white background for my mom's quilt. My mom loves blues and we always had one wall or another painted blue in our house. She is an avid thrifter and finds the coolest items--driftwood, antique furniture, chairs and little nick nacks. I had to include the beachy blues to match her eclectic/cottage/modern style.I wanted to include some coordinating colors of magenta and mustard so my mom would have flexibility to add in a pop of color with the quilt, wherever she may put it.

I made what ended up being about a queen sized quilt. It would have been ideal to make a king but as most quilters know, that's a big challenge when working on just a home sewing machine. This was actually my first finished quilt back in 2018. (I had only made one quilt top prior!) Light machine quilting accompanies the simple geometric quilt pattern.

While quilting can't be a hobby for everyone, I love being able to share my quilting skills with others. I make custom quilts for people who want one of a kind pieces in their homes or to give to others. I work closely with my clients to provide them an in-depth design process so they are thrilled with their works of art. A quality handmade quilt that reflects the recipients style and voice is one of the most sentimental and special gifts you can give. I would love to work with you to create a quilt for your mother on Mother's Day. Please reach out!

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