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Gather Quilt Sew Along

My Gather Quilt was inspired by the bold and bright colors I had in my fabric stash. I knew I wanted to utilize the fabric I already had and this quilt became the perfect candidate to do that. I played around with my stash for at least two hours before almost giving up on designing a quilt entirely with what I had on hand. It just so happened that I had 3 yards of this watercolor floral in my stash because I decided against using it as a backing for a previous quilt. Lo and behold, I literally had 10 coordinating solids to go with it! That never happens for me so obviously this quilt was meant to be.

This quilt along started in the cold and dark month of January and ended in a warmer and much sunnier month of March. My Camellia trees are blooming, the Daffodils are about to burst, and my hydrangeas have just put forth their bright green budding leaves. What a sweet start to spring this quilt along has brought me!


Below I've created a list of fabrics that I used. Several solids were fabric that was given to me from my sister's in-laws so they didn't come with a brand or name. Fear not, I've found near or identical matches for them in Kona cotton. Please utilize my color curation to inspire your next project or quilt commision!

Color 1: Patina Green Pure Solids by Art Gallery Fabrics (3/8th yard)

My favorite shops to get this brand from are Lamb & Loom and Cottoneer. They always have most of the color line in stock. A similar color match is Laurel by Kona.

Color 2: Dark Teal Vintage (1/2 yard)

This color came from my vintage stash but Celestial or Everglade from Kona is an almost exact match.

Color 3: Crystalline Pure Solids by Art Gallery Fabrics (1/2 yard)

Color match is Sky by Kona.

Color 4: Navy Blue by Kona (1/2 yard)

Color 5: Sweet Mint Pure Solids by Art Gallery Fabrics (1/2 yard)

Color match is Eucalyptus by Kona.

Color 6: Mustard (5/8th yard)

A few months ago I found a couple King duvet covers made from Supima cotton for super cheap at Home Goods. I cut them up and have been using them in my quilts. One of them was this mustard color. The color Honey (Pure Solid by Art Gallery Fabrics) is an exact match. Another close match is Yarrow by Kona.

Color 7: Rose Pink (5/8th yard)

This beautiful rose color was another solid I used from my fabric stash. A somewhat close match is Deep Rose by Kona. Its a couple shades darker but still in the same color family. If you wanted a couple shades lighter, use Woodrose by Kona.

Color 8: Bright Pink

Bright Pink was another color I used from my stash. An exact match is Medium Pink by Kona.

Color 9: Ice Peach by Kona (5/8th yard)

Color 10: Lingerie by Kona (1/4 yard)

Background: Brightly Blooming Flower Party in Black by Moda. (This Etsy shop currently has it on sale!)

It's also sold in a white colorway if that's more your style.

Save to Pinterest for later!

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