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Custom Quilt Inspo (ft. My Favorite Suzy Quilts Patterns)

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Suzy Quilts is a fantastic quilt pattern designer who really stands out as one of the most popular designers today. She creates some of my favorite patterns. and I have sewn Gather Quilt and a few crib-sized Maypole quilts. Her patterns are generally pretty easy but have beautiful results. The mockups below do a great job of showing how versatile her patterns are. I wanted to create a list of some of my favorite Suzy Quilts patterns that would make great gifts or decor for your home.

I'd love to create a custom quilt for you. To learn more about my pricing for commissions, please visit my Custom page.

We do not sell patterns by Suzy Quilts. All of the patterns below are copyrighted by Suzy Quilts. Photos are copyrighted and courtesy of Suzy Quilts.

Let's get started!


1. Grow Quilt Pattern

This is one of my favorites by Suzy! I think it's because of the beautiful samples she made. Her colors are right up my alley. Plus I'm a sucker for stripes! This is another awesome option for a gender-neutral baby quilt but looks right at home in a boho or mid-century modern home. I think you can get away with experimenting with color on this one. I don't think you could go wrong!

All photos courtesy of Suzy Quilts.

2. Maypole Quilt Pattern

This pattern is a quick sew! I love this pattern for baby quilts since it's so versatile if you wanted to do patterns or just solids. Simple straight-line quilting or hand quilting is a fantastic option for these bold stripes. I have made three of these!

All photos courtesy of Suzy Quilts.

3. Gather Quilt

I actually had my quilt featured in Suzy's email newsletter during the sew along in 2021. Someone actually wanted to buy it before I even finished quilting it! It's in its new home now but I love to look back at these photos. I love this color scheme and how the dark watercolor floral stands out.

5. Modern Fans Quilt Pattern

I purchased this pattern but have been too chicken to start working on it. I have mocked up a bunch of different color options in Illustrator but I haven't decided on one that I love. I lean more towards working with solids but I think this quilt needs some fun prints!

All photos courtesy of Suzy Quilts.

7. Perennial Quilt Pattern

A perfect spring quilt if I ever saw one! I appreciate the mosaic effect that playing with color can give you in this pattern.

All photos courtesy of Suzy Quilts.

8. Rocksteady Quilt Pattern

An understated classic! Basic quilt shapes reveal a timeless design that would fit nicely in a mid-century modern home.

All photos courtesy of Suzy Quilts.

9. Stars Hollow Quilt Pattern

I could probably make 100 of these quilts and never get tired of it. There are a lot of opportunities to play with color in this quilt and I think it would be so fun to make coordinating quilts.

All photos courtesy of Suzy Quilts.


Last and certainly not least, is the Thrive quilt. I have said it before but there are so many easy ways to practice color theory and with Suzy's quilt patterns. They are bold and simple quilts that look beautiful with equally bold colors and prints.

All photos courtesy of Suzy Quilts.

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